Dear Sir,

Receive my greetings, and my congratulations on your appointment as the new Interior Cabinet Secretary. While some thought that the best you could ever be was an assistant minister in charge of Internal Security, you have proved them wrong. That, however, is not why I am writing this.

Your appointment comes at the wake of hard times we are facing as a country. Of course I’m concerned about Mpeketoni, Kapedo and now Mandera twice. But what scares me even the more, is the possibility that you could just be another Ole Lenku. Maybe not a Chef this time round, but well, just another Joseph Ole Lenku. (I noticed you people share names and ethnic backgrounds by the way).

I’m afraid that you could just be a beneficiary of a PR gimmick, aimed at a political maneuver. That you probably just came in to occupy that seat, with nothing much to offer differently. The thought of that alone, scares me. And most Kenyans for that matter.

I want to believe that yours wasn’t just an appointment, rather, it could be one of two things. Your political death, or your new birth. The choice however, lies with you. We as Kenyans may not exactly know too much about the intricacies that come with that kind of responsibility. As a matter of fact, we really don’t care. All we know is that you are responsible for our security, effective from 2nd December 2014. Whatever challenges you face as the new Security Chief, ensure our safety by all means possible!

Many of us are now discussing the motive behind your appointment. Some are questioning your political allegiance and the effect that it may have on your party leadership and so on. Others are seeing it as a means to woo you into a different political outfit. Yet others see it as what it just could be; one of the many political antics we are yet to witness. Now, you must ensure that all these Kenyans have this, and many more discussions, anytime they want, and anywhere they want to have them.

We understand that it’s hard. But we also know it’s possible. You may, or you may not achieve it. But our hope as Kenyans is that, when the time for your exit comes, we will applaud you; not necessarily because you made it happen, but simply because we saw you trying your best.

And lastly, I wish to request that you work closely with the President’s PR machine, and the National Intelligence Service. We need to see a sync in operations. Not another situation where an unsuspecting President is busy taking and posting selfies from Abu Dhabi, while innocent Kenyans are dying in Mandera.

Be strong. Give it your best. And God bless.


A very Scared Kenyan.


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