RivPage – Connecting Kenyan Buyers with USA Largest Online Stores & Manufacturers

RivPage – Connecting Kenyan Buyers with USA Largest Online Stores & Manufacturers

I have learnt that we generally have two classes of people in the world. Consumers and providers. The first group are the clients who move into new neighborhoods in search of great amenities like shopping malls, kid fields, accessible roads, security and all the other great things you can think of. Then there’s the second group of people; the providers. These basically are the ones who work their brains and backs off to ensure that the first group of people live harmoniously. They are small and large shop owners, property developers, private security firms, Internet providers. The list is endless. They are mostly driven by money. But few are passionately after creating value in people’s lives. And everywhere we look around us, we can’t fail to see this second class of people. Or maybe we don’t see them, but instead see their contribution in our lives. We see the value they have created in our own spaces of life. And RivPage.com is one of them.

Online shopping. The first thing that comes to most people’s mind is an iPhone. Or Dr. Dre’s original headphones for those fed up with our crazy and noisy matatus that we can’t avoid. Either way, online shopping is the new frontier and will continue to dominate our lives for the foreseeable future. And knowing this fact, two of my former high school mates, Josh and David got down to work with the primary aim of revolutionizing the online shopping market in Kenya and Nigeria. And in less than two years, the duo has already opened two country offices in Nairobi and Lagos. In founding Rivpage, their aim was to establish an e-commerce platform that enables Kenyan buyers to purchase products directly from USA manufacturers, retail and online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Shoprite and many others. This further enhances the quality of products that buyers are getting on their online platform. And with the lowest shipping and delivery charges at $12 per KG and $9.99 handling fee, it’s easy to see why these guys are not just the future of US online shopping for the Kenyan market, but why their entry is already sending shockwaves across the sector.

Whether it’s a Laptop, or an Amazon kindle (like the one I’m currently planning to get), or a smartphone, clothes, jewelry, camera lenses, furniture or books – anything you need will be delivered to you in amazing prices and in just under 10 days! There’s a perfect way to start 2018!

Visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and start moving with the rest of Africa!

Contact RivPage through: Customerservice@rivpage.com


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