My YALI RLC Experience

My YALI RLC Experience

Exactly a week ago today, a group of 100 young leaders drawn from across 14 countries in Africa, were being commissioned back into the world, after a 4-week intensive fellowship at the YALI RLC . They were going to join more than 2,200 other YALI alumni around Africa. I was privileged to be part of this team.
The lessons were as bountiful, as the experiences enriching. We came in as complete strangers, but left as bosom friends, having been blended in the melting pot of transformative leadership. 
The YALI fellowship, more than anything else, aims to empower the self – our INNER MAN. And this is why.
The difference between us, the youth and some of the greatest men and women of our times, is the Camera lights. Today Ethiopians are celebrating PM Abiy Ahmed, while Tanzanians will probably never get over Mwalimu Nyerere, same way Kenyans fondly remember Joseph Murumbi, JM Kariuki and Tom Mboya with admiration. We all agree that Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela will remain alive and ebbed in all of History. But what’s the difference between us and them? Or put better, if today we were thrown into the treacherous national or global arena, and all the camera lights were on us, what would the world see? What kind of man, or woman will they say we are? Will our personal values, persuasions, convictions and passions inspire the world, or we will just be another spike in the continuum of time? What will the generations coming after us, say about us? When our kids are born and grow up, will they come back to us and say, “You were faithful”, or “Because of you, I have become”. What legacy are we leaving behind, through our everyday actions and roles?
These, and many more, are the kind of questions we continue to ask ourselves daily. And YALI ensured that we got to answer all of them from the heart. And not just answering, but committing to realize them throughout the rest of our lives.
In these times we are living in, there are no longer gray areas. It’s just plain Black or White. You are either changing your country or community, or not. You are either influencing, or being influenced. And long after we have exited the scene, it will be known, which side we were on. Now this is a good reason why we must choose to be on the right side of history. 
Let’s keep Pressing for Progress, because the future of Africa depends on it. 
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  1. Eric, beautifully penned. soar higher my fellow #AfricanChangemaker

  2. Amazing read! The ball is in our court to go and transform Africa! It was a pleasure training with you and the other amazing African Leaders. To more milestones!

  3. Thank you for bringing to life once again this challenge. Because of our determination and initiatives, I bet we would be spoken as Grandhi, Mandela, Luther king, among others if we were born before them. I’m confident this generation will bring innovation to what these great leaders started by building our legacy on the foundation they have laid.

  4. Eric! It’s such an interesting read. Keep it up!!!

  5. Thank you, Eric, for sharing this masterpiece.

  6. Very interesting read. It awakens the soul to think. Our legacy is being built by every move we make. While we can learn from and be proud of the failures and success of our forefathers , as leaders of today we have to act now. Leadership is indeed a choice and thank you Eric Kinaga for the reminder. #pressforprogress

  7. Wow! This is wonderful! May the coming generation find us faithful!

  8. Spot on. Our time is now.

  9. Awesome piece Eric.

  10. Words of wisdom, thank you so much Mr. Erick

  11. Great Eric. Its on us to change Africa.

  12. Well put Eric. Every youth should rise up and be counted as a change maker in their own sphere of influence then together, true transformative change will have been realised. The time is now

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