Medical Tests are Free: A Note to Jobseekers

Medical Tests are Free: A Note to Jobseekers

Our lives are made up of stories. Different kinds of stories. Some are happy, others are sad. Some we remember, others we fight so hard to forget. But these stories make us who we are. With these stories, God is slowly curving out the best versions of ourselves. Now, let me tell you a brief story that happened 3 years ago.

February 2015. I had just gotten back to Nairobi from Turkana, where I had been for a month as part of a student missionary group tasked with the responsibility of planting and building churches in parts of this Country, some where people had never heard the gospel. This experience later on struck a chord in me, but because God continues to write this beautiful story everyday, I will leave out this part for next time.

Immediately after the glorious mission, we were back home. Back to our needs, bills and normal way of life. I knew that I had to get a job. Otherwise things would get really bad for me, and our family. And so we set out on a mission with my then girlfriend, who later became my wife. We would wake up every morning to simply apply for jobs. She was at Machakos then, while I was in Nairobi. Throughout the day, we would send each other messages of job openings that we thought would be a best fit. Knowing my passion in politics and governance, she would look out for such jobs. And in turn, I would share openings on business, finance and Banking with her. Eventually, she got a placement at Chase Bank before moving to her current role.

How about the Boy Child?

I started off with applying for jobs in NGOs, having previously worked in Transparency International for about 6 months while on Holiday. My ever first internship though had been at Nairobi City Council, at the Public Relations Office, where I literally witnessed the transition from Local Authorities to County Governments before leaving in April 2013 for school. So I was equally applying for County jobs within Nairobi. But as time went by, I realized that the companies weren’t responding to my applications. I remember applying for graduate trainee jobs in Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Total, Unilever, Cytonn, Centum…. The list is endless!! As I write this today, I am sure, beyond any reasonable doubt, that I applied for 99.9% of all graduate trainee openings in 2015. I only got a response from Unilver (UFLP), where I went through all the seven stages of application and narrowly missed at the final phase. That was such a big blow for me, that I started questioning my abilities. As time went by, I wasn’t quite sure about myself anymore. But now I was applying for anything that came my way. Any position, in any company was okay for me. Then one day, after many days of mourning and agonizing over the Unilever’s UFLP loss, I got a call! It was a HR consultancy firm by the name Breathtaking International Consultancy. They went on to invite me for an interview on that coming Saturday, 21st March 2015, which I of course attended. Thereafter, I was called again and informed that I had aced the interviews, but I needed to present original and certified copies of my certificates before being formally recruited. I visited their offices again with the required documents, and I remember being told that the position (Customer Service Officer) I had been recruited for required a lot of traveling, and therefore they needed me to undergo a medical test. The guy interviewing me offered to refer me to a clinic at Konja, which according to him would be a lot cheaper. “But if you have the cash, you can go to Nairobi Hospital or anywhere else”, he added. He scribbled a name on a piece of paper, and handed it to me. Alpha Medical Laboratory Services. Manaan Building 1st Flr, at Konja Roundabout. In under one hour, I had already had the test done, at a cost of KES 5,000. Thereafter I emailed my results back to Breathtaking Consultancy.

It took me about three days to finally admit to myself, that I had been conned. Unbeknownst to me, I had just been a victm of a cartel milking hundreds of innocent and desperate jobless Kenyans. If these guys were keeping a record of people they had stolen from, I must have been index 107 because it’s my favorite number.

Sometime I sit alone and wonder if they ever got to index 10700 in their victim’s list. What I am certain of, is that the perpetrators are yet to be arrested. How do I know this? Their website is still up as we speak!

Are you reading this and you are desperate for a Job? Or you know someone who is. Don’t lose hope. God has already set aside something out there for you. I hope you get it soon. But before you do, please avoid any companies insisting on getting your medical tests, without paying for it themselves. I later go to learn that that’s how it works out here. Because God later opened up a door for me after this ordeal.

Never pay to get a job, or a medical test. It’s free.


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  1. Good read Kinaga!

    1. Thanks!

  2. They call it desperation: That thing that makes numerous jobseekers go such miles.

    2015 was quite a year! We know better.

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