My Story

Like Solomon, I have considered Life and found it cunning; a chasing after the winds. We are born, we grow up and then die. But rarely do we stop at life to look around and savor the winds blowing past. We rarely stop to listen to what God is saying. And in school, they failed to tell us about the need to travel, and reach out for the stars that shine above our eyes. Instead we were taught to follow straight lines. Lines that end in death. And because we will all eventually die, how about we make today the most beautiful and fulfilling day of our lives? 

Life is about work and play. And in this space, you will see just that. I play while I work. I write when I’m not working or sleeping. And I question alot because in so doing, I have learnt. So welcome to my small cubicle of life. Pull the seat behind you and let’s discuss and pursue God together. Come, let’s talk about Life, Politics, the weather and our fears. I hope together we can write about Kenya and the world. Make it safer by our words and actions, and curve out a new narrative for this great continent. I hope together we can share and inspire hope, and spark the will among our people, to leave behind a better nation and continent. Before our time runs out. 

My name is Kinaga. And yours is?

Some of the other things I Do...

Digital Content Creation & Management

Need a web content creator, a business case or a ghost writer on anything related to Politics, Governance, Public Policy, Communication or Management? Well, you just found him! I also manage company blogs besides publishing content on them.

Web & App Development

With amazing designs and new market trends, I will design your website, or develop your mobile App exactly how you like it!

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