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About Me

This blog is a journey by a young Kenyan millennial in pursuit of his God given purpose. It is a space for stories, discoveries and Hope. It’s a platform for all those passionate about a new Kenyan narrative with less political rhetoric, but more elephants, rhinos and trees. Besides working, I use this platform, to pen letters on God, our Politics and happenstance from here and around the world. I hope that in this small way, I will use my pen to improve our Politics and instill Hope to those who look up to us. 

But if you forget everything I said I was up there, please remember this-  I am a believer in the Cross.  

Content Creation & Management

Need a web content creator, a business case or a ghost writer on anything related to Politics, Governance, Public Policy, Agribusiness or Management? Well, you just found him! I also manage company blogs besides publishing content on them.

Web & App Development

With amazing designs and new market trends, I will design your website, or develop your mobile App exactly how you like it!

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