Write it Down

Many people believe in different things. I personally believe in writing down dreams as one of the first steps to achieving them.

As with everyone else, towards the end of 2017, I took time to take stock of what my gains had been. And for the first time in a couple of years, I had a strange sense of defeat. Admittedly, I had achieved major life goals one of which had been settling down. As a matter of fact, many decades from now, I will easily remember 2017 majorly for this. But even with that (and a few other) feats, I still felt some void within me. A strange feeling I hadn’t felt in 2016, 2015 or a couple of years past. Everyday I kept stealing glances at a stack of books where my Book of Dreams sat pensively sandwiched between other literatures. She seemed to be reaching out to me. She was eager to be held in my arms. And everytime our eyes locked, I quickly looked away. I kept avoiding her lest I got overpowered. And just like that, 2018 arrived before I could assess my 2017 goals. Until today.

It’s 6th January 2018 at 2.30am in the morning. I have been reading a book for a few hours now, and I decide it’s time for a break. So I start looking around and the first thing my eyes see is the stack of books sitting on my right. My journal is one of them, sitting there patiently with a wicked smile on her face. I gather up enough courage to pluck her out and start perusing the pages. The first entry was made on 17th July 2013, exactly two months before the Student Council elections at Moi University where I was a (successful) contestant. Then second one is on 7th December 2013, three months in office as a member of the Student Council. More entries continue to spring up. A feeling of contentment starts welling up within me, as I continue to turn on the pages Then I get to my 2016 goals and continue reading through with a faint smile on my face. My joy is cut short by an empty page with a screaming heading, “My Dreams for 2017”. I can’t believe my eyes!

I now understood why I had all along been indifferent about going through my 2017 goals. While I always knew some of ‘them’ by heart, I never quite wrote them down at any one point in that entire year! I had basically been walking around with knee jerk imaginations and plans that had no basis on paper. It was now easy to understand why I had always held onto the feeling that 2017 had largely been heavy on me.

Then I remembered Moses. When he descended from the mountain carrying the Ten Commandments only to be received by the Israelites worshiping idols, in anger, he had crashed the scrolls. But God, despite His infinite power and ability to cause His children to memorize all the 10 commandments by heart, insisted that Moses must go up to the mountain once more for another set of laws. Why? Because God values what He writes. And he reads what we, His Children write, because that is one of the ways we communicate our thoughts and prayers to Him. God values our writing.

So as you walk into 2018, write down your Goals for this year. And when you’re done, present this list to God in Faith. Then go out and do your part and leave the rest to Him. Only then will you walk into 2019 with a sense of victory.

Have yourselves a prosperous 2018!

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