Raila made me proud today. He has today proved to Africa, and to the world by an extension, that the only way you will ever win, is by learning how to loose. That way, he also won.
It is through his petition challenging Uhuru’s win, that kenyans now have full confidence in our judicial system. This sets a precedence on the way to go, in subsequent electoral discrepancies. I hope that other constitutional bodies will earn this kind of public trust as well.

His petition has also built us a name across the world. I am sure the ruling shall form a judicial precedent on a number of  presidential cases in countries such as Ghana, which is still grapling with their petition; one which is almost similar in issue, with the CORD petition. Mutunga, his team, and the team of counsels drawn from both sides have done us proud. We salute you.

Raila has done much for Kenya. I don’t see why he shouldn’t join the Panel Of Eminent Persons of Africa. He easily qualifies, and I am sure he would make strong cases for the African content, particularly on issues of constitutionalism and upholding of the rule of law. Again, I pay my respect, and admiration to this political enigma.

To all Kenyans:
Its a win for all of us. Nothing much changes. Students like me who should be in school, ought to continue in the pursuit of our future make-ups. Parents ought to go on with their parenthood. Teachers and  Lecturers should continue mentoring the next breed of leaders. Farmers should strive to ensure that we are a food secure nation. Our newly elected leaders have a huge task in neutralising our highly polarised nation. School going kids should still walk the tough road (even as they wait for ther promised laptops).

I could go on and on. But simply put, we Kenyans have huge roles to play in ensuring that we have a  better country 5 years from now. Lets give PEACE a chance, and do what we do best-WORK!
God bless Kenya

Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst

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