By Kinaga Mbugua

Even as Kenyans from across the political divide struggle to understand Moses Kuria’s recent gymnastics and at who’s behest he’s working, allow me to take us down memory lane. Like I always say, History is fascinating.

The year is 1997. Its election year in Kenya. A little-known Prince has made his debut into Kenyan politics earlier in the year, through his election as the KANU Chairman for Gatundu Branch. His name-Uhuru Kenyatta.
While he expected that he’d be voted in unopposed, a little known Architect based in Nairobi has joined the race for office too. His name is Moses Mwihia. In what would later be one of the most important lessons politics will ever teach him, Uhuru Kenyatta, fails to adequately assess Mwihia’s candidature and forte. If he had, he would have noticed that though he was averagely rich with nothing more to note, he had with him two major assets. One was his nephew, Samuel Mwihia Kariuki. The other one was Moses Kuria.
It’s a long piece of history so I’ll make it short and concise.
December 1997. Uhuru has run an impressive campaign. All indications are that he won’t just win. He will incontrovertibly win. Beyond questions or doubts. He presents his nomination papers and sits back waiting for the final arch.
24th December 1997. Samuel Mwihia and Moses Kuria make depressing calls to media houses, claiming that Moses Mwihia has disappeared, soon after receiving threatening messages from ‘unknown persons’ for defying the President’s choice in Gatundu. No name is mentioned, but a judgement has been determined, only two days away from the Elections day. A day later, Moses Mwihia’s car is found plunged into Ichaweri river; next Uhuru’s home, with blood splattered all over it. Later, it would be discovered that the car wasn’t actually Mwihia’s but a resemblance.
27th December 1997. Election day. Moses Mwihia is still missing. Uhuru has cast his vote. Later, at around 11am, Mwihia appears, claiming that he had been scared into hiding. He moves around Gatundu, with his spanner boys, preaching this gospel. Gatundu residents burst with apathy toward Uhuru, and in a show of defiance, turn out in their numbers to vote until the ballot boxes can’t take in anymore votes.
Uhuru, later that day, suffers his biggest political loss. A humiliating defeat with more than half the winning votes. Moses Mwihia goes on to become the MP elect for Gatundu Constituency (1997-2002). Uhuru Kenyatta goes on to make a personal decision (which later on changes) to quit politics altogether. Later, the scheme by Samuel Mwihia and Moses Kuria is discovered. Gatundu residents are apologetic towards Uhuru, but its too late. The election is already behind them.
Now, on the question of who’s wagging Moses Kuria’s tail I’d say the puppeteers might be many. One, someone who’s learnt a lesson from this dog directly and knows what dog to use, on what enemy. Two, an audience that heard this story about the dog, and what its capabilities are. The audience now has an enemy (could be an agenda or a person) they wish to perpetuate or attack respectively, and borrows the dog from the owner for this purposes. Third and most unlikely, the dog has rabies and has gone bonkers. It now exists only to bark and bite at will. Day and night. Very unlikely though.
I can’t finish without saying this: Were it not for the 2007-2008 post-election violence, we’d probably not be discussing the dog, its owner, or who borrows it on a daily basis. Today, we’re questioning who fixed Ruto. Some say it was Raila. Others claim it was Uhuru. Others Martha, or even Prof. Anyang Nyongo. But while I may never know who fixed Ruto at the ICC, I know that 1000+ Kenyans died, and more than 500,000 others were displaced. Some of whom have never been resettled todate. (don’t mention to me the Land allocation).
Kenyans must find these answers before 2017 happens, or we’ll have more questions than the answers again.


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