As the dust finally settles on the general elections, much remains accomplished by the Kenyan population, as well as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). Only one bit is left remaining-waiting for the final Presidential results. And this we will do diligently, for we have in the past seen what impatience, misgivings, and political bigotry can do, even to a developing economy like Kenya’s. Credence must go where it’s due. The IEBC has carried out its mandate appropriately, and within the proper legal provisions, regardless of the technical hiccups witnessed throughout the electoral management process.

 But this challenge proved to be a litmus test for this great republic, for which we are part. Kenyans now know that even with all the anxiety, Peace must be paramount within our borders. Our neighbors have now realized, more than ever before, that no amount of incitement or rumor mongering can take us back to where we come from as a nation. However, this spirit of nationalism must be cultivated, weeded frequently and collectively with honest intentions of fostering national integration amongst all citizens of this country. 

And as this elections come to an end, we now have elected our leaders. Whether you argue that it’s through ethnic yardsticks, or equivalent. Either, what’s done is done. We can only hope that those we elected match up to our expectations as a Kenyan people. It is therefore prudent that we all result to nation building, for the sake of our economy and our future.

We have come a long way, to give up now; and more than ever before, we must keep hoping, keep believing, keep trusting that one day, our leaders shall be measured, not by their ethnic affiliation, but by their proven capabilities. This can only be achieved, if we resolve to work with our elected leaders, as well as everyone else.

Kenyans have so far sent a clear message to Africa, and to the world beyond, that we are proudly a part of this nation, and no one can take that right away from us. I therefore urge you my fellow Kenyans, to live by your words. Let nothing separate us; not elections, not even CNN! 

Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst

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