The legal battle that is yet to be witnessed in this country shall be something we’re not used to in long time. A few reasons why:

#CORD has lined up some of the best legal minds to argue the case. I wonder, would they lack FACTS, n yet be ready to take such a bold move, as challenging the presidential elections? What do they know, that we, the average kenyans don’t? Its hard to imagine that such minds would take a risk as big as that, at the expense of tarnishing their names.

#What if the CORD team is just too ambitious, that even without proper and conclusive facts, they’re still willing to go ahead and challenge the announcement? What if its just a result of the sub-total of egoism from the CORD team? (with the likes of Mutula Kilonzo and Ababu Namwamba involved)

#The CJ is on record, urging that the media covers the entire petition process. What does he know, that makes him so sure its appropriate for our consumption as the public? Has he seen the facts, as presented by the aggrieved party, or is he simply trying to engage public particupation, as required by law? (Remember, he’s not obliged to allow for live coverage; it lies within his discretions)

#What if the Jubilee team was actually involved in rhe anormalies, as alleged by CORD coalition? What if, the chairman, Isaack Hassan, and afew others were the only clean pair of hands, throughout the electoral management process?

#Now looking at the motive behind the CORD petition, what is it that they really want? Is it the presidency, a run-off, justice, or simply massaging their egos after a loss? What else are they doing away from the public eye, that ensures a win for them, both in and outside the corridors of justice?
Politics has really played a huge role especially in the tallying of the presidential results. Even worse is the 50%+1 requirement, for a presidential poll winner.

#I am not schooled on the jurispudence of law (atleast not for now), but any trained animal would notice other underlying forces, in this legal redress. I suggest that we, as kenyans go slow on our speculations, and leave the Supreme court to carry out its constitutional mandate, and deliver a biding judgement. I have hope, (just like RAO and most kenyans), that the courts shall deliver.     In the meantime, lets maintain peace amongst ourselves, and strive to preserve it.

Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst

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