“WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN WITH YOU”- A Kenyan’s Message to Uhuru and Raila

Over the past couple of months, it has proven quite difficult to express my political opinion without indulging my bias. And it’s not just me. I have witnessed many of my friends struggle too. But more often than not, I believe that I have done justice to myself by being honest with the most important person in the world – myself. Though a major struggle, I try to stand by truth whenever forced to make a decision between the latter and my political leaning. And I have seen many of my friends struggle to stand with truth as well. Many others haven’t been successful. To them, truth is only what is spoken off by their political leaders across the respective divides. Truth for them, is equivalent to positions taken by their coalitions. Specifically for the last two months, truth to them has either been clothed up as “Irreducible minimums”, “Electoral amendments”, “Judicial activism”, “Police brutality” et al. The list is endless. But one ugly truth I have come to admit is that if this Country goes on its knees due to the current electoral standoff, my political leaning will not matter.

I believe that 9 in every 10 Kenyans don’t have a complete idea of what the NASA irreducible minimums are. They rejected them either because they are NASA supporters and didn’t see the need to read what Raila had already read and approved, or they are Jubilee supporters and by this virtue alone, feel obligated to reject any position taken by NASA regardless of merit. And that’s how we slowly we have relegated to politicians our responsibility to even think! When our constitution in article 1(2) granted us the right to delegate our sovereign power to political leaders, it did not take away our ability to determine what’s important for us as a people. Including the right to THINK about our collective future and what we want of it. As things have turned out our future now seems to be in the hands of two individuals; Raila and Uhuru. Ordinary Kenyans don’t believe that there’s anything they can do to change this. While in actual sense, there is.

It is time for dialogue in this Country. Not because Raila has called for it. In fact, the dialogue should not be about the elections on 26th October alone. It should encompass life beyond an election date. It is a dialogue that needs to have ordinary Kenyans at the table. Our political elites need to know that there are many important things in life, and elections are just one of them. This dialogue needs to have Kenyans asking themselves, for how long they will remain captives of their political elites. As I write this, tens of Kenyans have already lost their lives through police brutality. Hundreds of families especially Luos and Kikuyus relocated back to their ancestral lands before 8th August for fear of political uprisings. They have never gone back, and I don’t see them going, if this standoff persists beyond the next few weeks. In fact, they may never have a home to go back to. But the question we must ask ourselves, is how long this must go on before we can learn? A hundred more deaths? More destruction of property? An economy on its knees? I say NO!

Are you a reasonable supporter of Uhuru or Raila? Go back to them and let them know that its time they ended this grandstanding. Before the drums of war get louder than our voices of reason. Let both of them know that in case their intention is to bring this country to a halt, we are not going down with them!


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