The battle for the position of Speaker of the National Assembly continues to take shape, as politicians line up in an attempt to sell out their suitability for the position. So far, the major coalitions have  fronted a number of interested candidates, who include Abdikadir Mohammed, Kenneth Marende, Eugene Wamalwa, Kabando wa Kabando, Francis ole Kaparo amongst others.
Well, they’re all capable in their own right. However, its Kenneth Marende and Abdikadir Mohammed’s inclusion in this list, that excites me. These are some of the best brains we have around, currently in the government. For instance, Kenneth Marende won the speaker’s seast in the last parliament, by s slim margin, after beating Francis ole Kaparo, who was until then, the longest serving speaker of National Assembly. Marende won by 105 votes, against Kaparo’s 102; and since a quorum was not needed for the election of speaker, he went on to bag the position, through a simple majority.
There was more. Kenneth Marende proved to his skeptics, that he was way beyond their expectations. Once such illustration was in 2009. Marende was forced to make a tough ruling, on the position of Leader of Government business, after a standoff was witnessed between Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga. Over the years, he has built himself a name, especially during the amendment on the Sex bill. Marende is by all standards smart!
Abdikadir, on the other hand, is not your ordinary Member of Parliament. I especially admire his sense of focus. A first-timer in Parliament, he has achieved more for this country than some of the longest serving MPs. I look at our current breed of leaders, and almost lack anyone who’d challenge this guy’s credentials. Save for the likes of Kipchumba Murkomen, who is a new entrant. (But that’s a different topic altogether). 
He chaired the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution, that culminated to the delivery of a 50-year old pregnancy-THE CONSTITUTION. Many will today agree that this team, besides the Committee of Experts, were the real treadles of our constitutional success. Abdikadir went on to chair the Constitution Implementation Oversight Committee (CIOC), which has spearheaded the setting up of various commissions, as well as reforms in various quarters. That’s why today we have the kind of trust in the judiciary, as a result of these reforms. There’s currently a petition at the Supreme Court seeking to challenge the presidential outcome of the just concluded general elections. (I would hate to comment on that, for fear of it being labelled as sub judicism). 
If the proponents of the managerial theories were right, then Abdikadir Mohammed is a good manager. And this is what the August House needs; a manager who’ll handle the madness inside those walls. Not forgetting that he had been poised as the possible UDF Presidential Candidate in December, 2011. It shows that someone somewhere, had noticed his potential to be a future president.
Well, am not saying that he is better than Marende, since he has never been a speaker, for us to compare their capacities. But chances are high, that he shall be the next speaker of the National Assembly. This is further accentuated by the strength of the Jubilee coalition, after UDF allegedly signed a post-election deal, with the former.

Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst

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