When Mudavadi initially sought to run for presidency, he seemed to  be banking on the ICC cases against Uhuru and Ruto; and there seemed to have been ‘boardroom’ politics aimed at MAKING mudavadi president, as a fallback plan for uhuru, incase he wouldn’t be allowed to run by the courts, due to the clauses under chapter 6 of the constitution, on leadership and integrity.

It was a smooth running untill Uhuru’s TNA party started picking a popularity wave across the country, and it soon became clear that he was a favourite candidate for a good number of kenyans. But some powerful ‘forces’ seemed to favour a ‘mudavadi presidency’ in order to avoid international sanctions against kenya by the international community if uhuru became president.

These forces (now commonly referred to as ‘demons’) coerced uhuru into signing a deal with mudavadi, where he (uhuru) would step down for Mudavadi. But this didn’t go well with TNA supporters who vowed they would desert TNA if uhuru stepped down for MM. This
outcry is what forced Uhuru to discard his agreement with MM and run for president under the jubilee alliance, leaving MM alone.

A political divorcee, he almost lost his political relevance. But recently he has picked up the pieces that were left of himself and he is working hard to ensure he has the luhyia vote, which is about 1.4m, and will definitely be a game changer, for either uhuru or Raila. If Mudavadi secures the western vote by a considerable margin, he may cause a run-off, and end up determining the next president of kenya. Therefore, Musalia Mudavadi is not someone who can entirely be ignored in this political game. He will not be president, but he may contribute to whoever becomes the 4th president of kenya.

 Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst

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