You can love them, or hate them in equal measure. But one thing you can’t ignore is their ingenuity and resilience.

Currently among the world’s fastest growing countries, the world’s second largest economy, the largest exporter and importer in the world, China is a true mirror of what we can be as a people, if only we designed POLICIES (and not Polytricks) and stuck to them.

China is what is what it is today, courtesy of, among others, their famous economic policies crafted in 1978, engineered by their one and only political party, the CPC (Communist Party of China) and midwifed by their political leader, Deng Xiaoping.

And looking back at what Deng and his team did back then, there’s simply no magic, more than I see Resilience and consistency. Opening up the economy to foreign investors, limiting private competition, privatization of relevant sectors, lifting of price control bans and creating free trade zones. Period!

Of particular note though, is the political will towards this cause, and the ingenuity to create a model customized for this Asian country. How the Chinese managed to merge communism with market economy that emphasized on local craft has today formed the bulk of discourse in academia today on “Communism with Chinese Characteristics”.

The model is slowly being taught and practiced around the globe, including our beloved country Kenya, save for one major fall back: failure to promote local craft. We invest heavily on mass production of the means of production (read SGR) and forget to support local players. In the end, we import even labour; what was meant to raise and change the lives of average Kenyan youths.

As I always say, we are on the right track. Unfortunately, its easy to get hold of the wrong end of the stick. When we choose to participate in large scale official graft and earnest appetite for ethnic rivalry, we are slowly digging our national grave.

But there’s Hope. And she’s REAL. 
Kinaga Mbugua
The writer comments on topical issues.

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