So, who is Wanjiku??

A friend recently asked me who Wanjiku is, and why, in the first place, she’s Wanjiku, and not Anyango, Chepkorir or any other nice name. Well, to you out here who have this same question, here’s what Onyango Oloo has to say: 
Who is Wanjiku, you ask, Veronica
Well, let me attempt an answer.
Who is Wanjiku?
Wanjiku is a woman, Wanjiku is a man, Wanjiku is young, Wanjiku is old; Wanjiku is a Mgikuyu, Wanjiku is a Luo, Wanjiku is a Maasai, Wanjiku is a MNandi, Wanjiku is a Chuka, Tharaka, Tigania, Chonyi, Degodia, Ajuran, Sakuye, Abasuba, Pokomo, Mshela, Mpate, Mduruma; Wanjiku lives in Keroka and North Horr; Wanjiku is in London and Harare; Wanjiku is a market lady; Wanjiku is makanga; Wanjiku is a doctor; Wanjiku is an engineer;
Who is Wanjiku?
Wanjiku is your mother and your father; Wanjiku is your neighbour and her daughter in law.
Who is Wanjiku?
Wanjiku is a member of the DP and the LDP; Wanjiku is a life member of FORD-Kenya and founder of FORD-People; Wanjiku is in KANU and Sisi Kwa Sisi; Wanjiku is a Muslim; Wanjiku is a Christian; Wanjiku is a Hindu; Wanjiku is a conservative; Wanjiku is a communist;
Who is Wanjiku, Veronica you ask?
You are Wanjiku, so is your brother.
Wanjiku rides on a donkey- when she is not driving her BMW.
Wanjiku eats muthokoi- when she is not frying kadzora.
Wanjiku wears a hijab- when she is not bedecked in Maasai beads.
Wanjiku is a post-graduate fellow- Wanjiku never saw the inside of a
Who is Wanjiku? Wanjiku posts on this forum and a dozen others.
Wanjiku does not have a computer and has never been online in her life.
Wanjiku’s other names are:
Wanjiku loves her home which she calls Kenya.
For sixty eight years Wanjiku battled with monkeys, chimpanzees and orang otangs who raided her shamba every afternoon.
For the last forty two years, Wanjiku has been trying to chase away the hyenas and vultures trying to feast on her still living flesh.
Who is Wanjiku?
Wanjiku is that Kenyan cowering outside in the cold while Wako, Kiraitu, Kathurima, Kibaki, and the rest of the NAK gang betray her dreams and aspirations, her hopes, her vision…
Who is Wanjiku?
I could still tell you more tales about Wanjiku- how much time do you have, Veronica?
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