RAILA IN A FIX- A Determinant for his Political Survival

The oncoming ODM party primaries have successfully left most Kenyans gazing wide in the dark. Political sketchers seem to be watching from a distance, patiently waiting for the mouse to bite at the bait. Others are scheming to have their favorites clinch the positions to which they are currently gunning for. And the ordinary Kenyan out there….well, lets just say they are waiting to see how it all unfolds.

On April 4th 2013, exactly a month after the March 4th elections, I penned an article on Why Raila the man may be out of Government, but not away from our TV boxes. (Here’s the link: http://kinagambugua.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-railas-political-man-will-not-fade.html) It never gets any better for this political conundrum!

But these coming polls are a real bolt on his shoulder.The past few days have been full for the party leadership, as frantic efforts to consolidate and bargain for party posts ensue. With the initial Pentagon team out of the picture, the recent withdrawal of the likes of Franklin Bett from the party, and the reluctance of the Marendes’, Nyongos’ and the Ntimamas’, a lot remains in question on what exactly the strategy is, in maintaining the national vibrancy of Kenya’s most popular party-ODM.

There have emerged serious frictions between the youthful party members, who now seek a platform to air their script. They feel that its time ODM lived to its cause, of upholding equality in representation, by handing over to them the mantle. And as excepted, this hasn’t gone down well with the likes of Dalmas Otieno, who still feel the party shouldn’t go beyond their regional backyard. I’m positive that this eminence of generational strife will form the bulk of discourse as the election date gets closer. And that’s where Raila comes in.

His organizational and conflict-resolution skills will be put to task, as we wait to see, which of the generations shall carry the day. Whether its the ‘The Digital Team’ (as we are made to understand) or the old guard. Only time will tell. Your guess is as well right.

I choose not to delve on the question of whether he, (Raila) has a competitor for the position of Party Leader. That’s a hotter one. But we are watching…keenly.

Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst

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  1. i wish you had delved into the question… that would have added more flesh to the analysis. You're absolutely right though, there's a tussle of the 'digital' and the 'analogue' within ODM. A bigger question is Kidero's role at the party as well, with some grooming him as the best to take over the mantle from 'Jakom'….

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