Under the scorching sun, my heart bears it all
My body tired and worn out, it wants to quit
But my heart stays on

My limbs numb, and my joints creak
Yet my heart is rejuvenated more than ever before
Am tempted to quit, but my hope for tomorrow urges me on

I want my Kids to grow up in a different nation, not like I did
Where hard work determines upward mobility
Not tribe, color, gender, or age
A country where no one will dread voting,
Or live at the mercies of our politicians

To achieve this, we must make tough decisions,
We must choose to rise above our fears, perceptions or ethnic affiliations
And this is possible,

As long as you and I are willing to bear today’s pain,
Then our later generations will know not, what we have known for so long
This is why I must remain standing in this queue, for as long as it lasts
Untill my voice is heard
A voice of Love, Peace and Unity

Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst

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