We are living in difficult times, when the very existence of man is threatened to its core. Even as we continue to grapple with the issues of National and Food security, abject Poverty,Corruption and Poor Healthcare, our leaders seem oblivious of these cries. Little has been to address these pertinent concerns, and as if not enough, Kenyans too, are now willing to succumb to their “perceived Destiny”, as many of them regard it. 

Many have distanced themselves from Politics, and anything related to it, forgetting that it’s the core of our livelihood, as a nation, a generation, and as humanity in totality. March 4th is setting in fast, and from the look of things, we as a nation are still not ready for it; Logistically, Ethnically, or even politically. And our leaders have sought to bank on these discrepancies, and ensure that Kenyans remain ignorant of their rights, as well as inculpable to discharge their constitutional and moral obligations as the electorate, and as such, the key determinants of Good governorship.  A little light glimmers in the horizon though.

It may be deem, but visible to an eye longing for change. We can still reclaim back our nation from the claws of impunity that have so far cost us our time and lives. Many who have gone before us lost their lives, so that we could have a better one.  And it is possible to do so. March 4th presents an opportunity for us to append our names on the right side of history; the side of nonconformists. People, who will choose to believe that even when it makes no sense to believe that our glory as a nation can be reclaimed back, are willing to trudge on the path of resistance, and embark on a journey to make amends, and patch up where the rain started beating us.

We must therefore make a reslove to either continue to marching to the drumbeat of conformity, or listen to the beat of a distant drum, which carries with it hope for us. Will we march only to the music of our time, or shall we risk abuse, criticisms and censures, for the sake of building a better nation, which shall remain standing, even after the general elections. So much is at stake, if we choose to take on the road of least resistance and conformity, not willing to face head-on, the issues that face us, as a nation.  We must therefore choose to rise above the mayhem and din as voices of reasons at such a time, while call lasts.

Although there have been calls that Kenya is still not politically mature to handle issue-based politics, I believe that there is still a large number out there, who are willing to rise above ethnic consideration, political sycophancy and intolerance, to vote in a breed of leaders who are willing and able to address their issues, as well as take us back on the right course. We may be a young nation, but we are capable to hold peaceful elections, and live peacefully even after March 4th, and this starts with me; then you!

Kinaga Mbugua,
Political Analyst

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