They say that one of the best deals you can ever close is leaving untouched, what you probably think would have been a messy deal. Kalonzo Musyoka is yet to learn this.
There have been rumors that this man from Tseikuru, may not be leaving for home yet. Well, rumors also come true. And they did, when the CORD leaders retreated to Naivasha ahead of the First presidential address to Parliament. Plans that would have seen Kalonzo ultimately getting a third attempt at the presidency, four years from now. 
While I have no problem having Kalonzo as the fifth president, I take issue with how he wants to get there. Not forgetting that the lights already went out on him. He has previously made brave attempts at the presidency before. Problem is he chose to hit the birds with only one stone. In 2007, he went for the presidency; but he also wanted to be Vice President in case of a precedent ed loss. This happened, as planned. But his fellow political animals were studying his steps. They realized that he, (Kalonzo) is not the type to take toughs stands, waiting to reap the results. He prefers having a taste of two worlds.
The G7 alliance was formed; not to raise forth a president from among them, but to prevent Raila Odinga from ascending to what was then seen as his only remaining mission. Kalonzo was part of this team. However, throughout that time, he only played safe, admonishing the G7 and the KKK alliance every time he received airtime. Why? He didn’t want Raila suspecting him. And this is why it was so easy for him to step down for the latter, as the CORD frontrunner.
Only this time the gods were not with him. Raila lost his bid. He made a second attempt by challenging the presidential results; but the decision never favored them. Kenyans got a fourth President. Unfortunately, Kalonzo now had to go back to the drawing board. He was still young for retirement (considering the likes of Ole Ntimama who’re still around). 
Kalonzo has earned himself the ‘watermelon’ title, which is not the best brand a politician would crave for. This is why it’s going to be so hard for him to convince his fellow politicians that he’s best placed to articulate their issues, in the opposition. Even so, it shall be hard for him to re-brand his political persona to Kenyans, in a record of ten years, and still be elected again. 
He has a few options. One, he can swallow his pride and cross over to the Jubilee side, and probably get appointed as an envoy. He is actually best suited for this job, considering his diplomatic character. Secondly, he can forget everything and divert his energies to business. After all, that’s what the likes of Peter Kenneth are doing. Bright stars are also rising in his eastern bloc, (the likes of Alfred Mutua) and they’ll soon water down Kalonzo’s grip in the region. The best he can simply do is leave the arena altogether
His third option is unrealistic. Sticking around and waiting to get back to the national scene is suicidal to his person. This is because he, (Kalonzo) resides among ravenous actors, who’ll be willing to kill any move he makes to build his name. They may step down for him, but they won’t let him walk down the aisle of power again. The furthest he ever went, was being appointed Vice President. And the earlier he realizes this, the better it will be for him.
Kinaga Mbugua
Political Analyst


  1. hahaha! that is so evident for this man from Ukambani but he seems not to want to look at the big picture dsepite having his eyes wide open. his political career is over and the sooner he realizes that the better. we were all born for greatness but to different levels and aspects, for him was to attain the amicable title of vice -president and that is as far as his greatness extends. It is time he retires with his head high as a fallen giant that fought the good fight or else face the humiliation of being destryoed by his political opponents, he thinks he is a political animal, he is yet to meet the political monsters who will devour him whole.

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