This man Jimnah Mbaru is soon going to be a real headache for someone out there. Because of him, some people are soon going to have sleepless nights. When Jimnah initially declared his interest to run for Nairobi governor on a TNA ticket, not many thought he was serious enough. After all, he had done it before, lost, and kept his calm. But this time it was different. He was ready to battle it out with BABA YAO, Mr. Clifford Ferdinand Waititu, and nothing was going to shake his effort.
He proved to all of us that he had made quite remarkable preparations for his quest. From the flamboyant banners, to the well-though posters. He even set up his website, all; in a bid to reach out to the huge number of Kenyans, on social media. And we all know that to some extent, he succeeded. All this while, Waititu seemed to be enjoying himself, thriving on the assertion that that none could outdo him, in Nairobi. He would soon be wrong.
When the day came for the Party primaries, Jimnah unexpectedly lost to Waititu. But following this, the social media was abuzz, with most people claiming that Nairobians had tripped, and ‘threw away the capital.’ subsequently, Jimnah was urged by many to challenge this decision, and fight to ensure that his name would be on the ballot box. And this is what he has finally done, by defecting to Kiraitu Murungi’s APK
Well, Jimnah may not clinch the Nairobi gubernatorial position in case waititu’s diehard supporters decide to support him to the last man. Waititu also had a boost, after a recently held face-off between him and the ODM candidate, Dr. Evans Kidero, where he elicited the impression that he was more ‘identifiable’ with the average nairobian, as opposed to the ‘elitist’ Kidero, who brought out his attitude self, rather than prove that he’s ready to tackle the issues facing nairobians. This is why Jimnah should work extra hard to ensure that he sells his candidature as more appealing than any other. He already has somewhat of a head start, considering his business prowess and acumen that has seen him be regarded as the father of the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE).
It shall be a tough one for these two men, and how they carry out their political rivalry, will either grant Kidero a comfortable win, or make one of them the first Governor of Nairobi.
Kinaga Mbugua,
Political Analyst

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