Electoral Crisis in Kenya: Which way do we go?

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In the US, after many years of civil rights activism across different states by the likes of Martin Luther King, Wyatt Walker and others, the true break for the movement happened in Birmingham, Alabama on May 3, 1963 when school kids took to the streets to protest against racial discrimination. In the dailies the following day, a photo of a teenage boy being attacked by police dogs sent shockwaves across America (see photo attached). It was discussed in homes, streets, bustops -everywhere including the US Congress! Thereafter, the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, and it brought to an end the era of racial discrimination in America. It was ordinary school kids who tipped the scales for Martin Luther and finished what he had started.

Back to our motherland Kenya. What we need now is a critical mass of ordinary citizens who are sincerely tired with the grandstanding between Jubilee and NASA. Kenyans who don’t just want fair and credible elections, but who simply want to go back to their lives and concentrate on their livelihood. Parents who have been forced to relocate elsewhere for fear of ethnic cleansing. Youths with startups who now can’t get business loans due to the political temperatures. Struggling businesses which live with an everyday fear of an uncertain future. Kenyans who everyday are losing their jobs as a result of a struggling economy. Even the indifferent (illusionary) middle-class who think they’re insulated from what’s currently happening.

We need to go camp outside Anniversary towers or anywhere else, and keep vigil until the gridlock is addressed. Whether you are Jubilated or you are a NASArite, what’s important is that you are a Kenyan who is afraid of their future. Because if and when this Country goes up in flames due to selfish political egos, Raila, Uhuru or your favourite politician and their families will be covered. But who has our backs?

The choice is squarely in our hands. And it matters what we will do with it.

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