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If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, at the tipping point of self-discovery and awakening, then you will definitely agree with me that the passing on of President Moi, has been conflicting. Personally,

Becoming a Father

I sat there as my thoughts kept racing up and down. I tried looking back at the last couple of months and what they had been like. We had been here a couple of times

Write it Down

Many people believe in different things. I personally believe in writing down dreams as one of the first steps to achieving them. As with everyone else, towards the end of 2017, I took time to

The past couple of months have seen Kenyans increasingly engaged on the subject of secession. The debate was most recently sparked off by an article written by David Ndii in March 2016 who argued in

In his book, “How Change Happens“, Duncan Green presents a theory I have come to ascribe to. The convergence of active and patriotic citizens, and responsive governments in changing the world. And he goes on

The other day Raila Odinga declared that he would be sworn in as President on 12th December. I dare say here and now that Raila was calling our bluff. And this why. Towards his sunset