I am aware that in the recent days, Kenyans have been in the habit of writing ‘OPEN LETTERS TO’ so and so. Some of these are purely as part of a publicity stunt. Yet there are others coming from deep within their hearts. Mine lies here.

I am not sure you know this, but Moi University (Main Campus) has its third years in session. Class of 2011/2015. Their recalling was actually an accident. While they expected to be recalled back to school somewhere in July or August, they did so on April 15th. That is over two months ago.

While I appreciate that yours isnt a gutter organization, driven to serve afew hundreds, I must however bring to your attention, the plight of these men and women. Those waiting to take up your position when that time comes.

We have tried to seek communication with your office, Mr CEO. We have tried. We have approached administrators, accountants, Deans and DVCs here at main campus, seeking to know why we haven’t received any financial boosting from your side. Some of them claimed that HELB was a separate entity, and as such, any complaints should be directly addresed to them. And yet these were the same people that recalled us back. With no financial grounding.

Afew days ago, we came accross an announcement. That your team would be coming over to deal with this issue. This was after a handout was pinned on the notice board, revealing hundreds of names of those that had qualified for disbursements. Yet three weeks later, our accounts remain thirsty.

We start our exams in four days. And the university has a policy of not letting anyone sit examinations without first clearing their fees. We have tried negotiating, only reaching a dead end. And untill now, no one has spoken to you about this. Or even written. Because if they had, I would not have to do this. (I hate writing long letters by the way.)

I have not met you before, and I am hoping i will one day. But I am sure that in your capacity, you can do something to help, if you so want. This hope is what drives me, and many others, to ensure that none of us misses their exams, simply because they can’t afford to clear their fee balance. Or have to go for days without meals. Yet with no surety that all shall be well.

We hear that communication was made to us. That we would receive the money in a fortnight. That’s the same time our exams end. And we ask, how shall we start?

I don’t need to conclude on this, but ask that you take appropriate measures to deal with this issue. And if possible, do so in haste. In the meantime, I shall be preparing for my exams, knowing that our prayers are being met. And disbursed. Kind regards.

Eric Kinaga Mbugua
Adm No: BA/146/11
Id No: 28445054

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