My Story

I am Hungry. But I am also Foolish. Very Foolish. 

And I intend to keep it that way. 

Anyway, this blog is about me, but it’s also about you. About Us who live here, where both you and I have met. And because we did, we shall enjoy the little time we have together.  We shall talk about the weather, our politicians, our jobs and our past. We will share our fears and our hopes about marriage, religion, and politics. We will walk together until we both earn the confidence to keep facing life daily. We will travel – both to the past through our memories, and to the future through our dreams. We will reach out the world beyond us. So let’s get started before we walk elsewhere…

My name is Kinaga. I am a Kenyan by birth but a global citizen at heart. I hope together we can write and re-imagine a new Kenya and the world at large. Make it safer by our words and actions, and curve out a new narrative of our times. I hope we can spark the will among our generation, to leave behind a better nation and continent. Before our time runs out.

And what did you say your name was again?